3D Print | The Ancient Tree Model 3D Printed and Tested

printed tree

Today we 3D Printed a special Ancient tree made in a 3D software, this tree was printed in high resolution of 0.1mm and took about 3 hours to finish then a few more minutes to remove some strings made by the nozzle. Technical details Temperature: 205c Bed Temperature: 65c Resolution: 0.1 Retraction: 0.2 Print time: Approximately 3 hours Infill: 20% The final outcome is pretty good for this resolution and you can barely see the lines. If this was printed on ABS filament we could make it look even better…

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How Much Stuff Can You 3D Print with 1 KG of Filament

Nowadays everyone has a 3D printer at home some 3d printers are more advanced and some are more for basic and less complex stuff, but a lot of people just load the filament in their 3d printer and forget about it because it takes so long to finish a single spool of 1KG! So today we will analyze and see how much we can print with 1 spool of filament. Filament Size There are many different sizes of filament depending on the material but most are 1KG so we will use…

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Egyptian Pyramid with LED 3D Printed

3d pyramid 2

Today we will 3D print this Egypt Pyramid and see how it will work. This Pyramid is based on Egypt and has a small part on top that is open to attach a small LED and let the light out. This print took approximately 9 hours to complete and on top a blue LED was attached and programmed with Arduino to flash every 100 milliseconds. Making Process   Technical Details Print time: Approximately 9 hours Resolution: 1.5 Material: RED PLA Temperature: 205 – 200 (Started with 200c then raised to 205c during…

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Samurai Themed Pen Holder 3D Printed

pen holder 3d printed 5

Today we will 3D print this Pen Holder and see how it will work. This Pen Holder is themed on a Samurai sword stand that is used to place the sword in a way for display or decoration. This print took approximately 3 hours to complete. Making Process As you can see there some strings on the sides due to poor cooling during print. It will be improved on next prints. But after all it works as intended! It holds the pen perfectly and doesn’t fall or lose balance when putting…

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3D Printing Objects with PETG Filament

Nowadays everyone is 3D Printing Objects with their 3D printers and some are doing it for hobby purposes and some are doing it for business, but as we move forward and the technology advances more and more we can see that there are many types of filaments now to print on such as: Wood Infill, Bronze Infill, Silver Infill, PLA, ABS, Nylon and PETG. So today we will experiment with PETG and see if it’s a good filament or not. PETG FILAMENT PRO AND CONS PROS CONS Very easy to…

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3D Printed Empire State Building on 0.15 Resolution

3d printed empire state

Today I decided to print something cool and bigger so I decided to 3D Print the New York Empire State Building on 0.15 resolution and see how it comes. Turns out it came out excellent with a lot of details and sharp corners! Empire State Building 3D Printed Pictures I was very impressed that it came out perfectly on the first attempt and that it was printed on 0.15 resolution since I usually print on 0.1 but it would take way longer to print on that er resolution. Watch the video…

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