Filament Spool 1kg vs 500g Filament – Which is better

3d printer filament 500g

Nowadays we have many types of 3D printer filament and different types of spool filament, but sometimes we have to choose between 1KG and 500g filament, which is better and why? Today we will find out. 1KG Filament This is the most common type of filament you will see around. It’s cheap and you can … Read more

How Much Stuff Can You 3D Print with 1 Roll of PLA

Nowadays everyone has a 3D printer at home some 3d printers are more advanced and some are more for basic and less complex stuff, but a lot of people just load the filament in their 3d printer and forget about it because it takes so long to finish a single spool of 1KG! So today … Read more

Which is Better? 3D Printing Raft or Brim


Have you tried to print something but for some reason the part detaches from the plate or warped in the edges? Well, that’s what raft and brim are for! These 2 supports can help reduce the chance of that happening. Today we will analyze side by side comparison of each type. 3D Printing with BRIM … Read more

3D Printing VS CNC – Which Is Better?


Are you deciding between buying a 3D printer and a CNC? While both machines are great to prototype stuff, each one has its PROS and CONS. Today we will analyze each one and see which is the correct choice for you. We will be using the traditional FDM 3D Printer for this article. FDM means … Read more