How Much Stuff Can You 3D Print with 1 Roll of PLA

Nowadays everyone has a 3D printer at home some 3d printers are more advanced and some are more for basic and less complex stuff, but a lot of people just load the filament in their 3d printer and forget about it because it takes so long to finish a single spool of 1KG! So today we will analyze and see how much we can print with 1 spool of filament.

Filament Size

There are many different sizes of filament depending on the material but most are 1KG so we will use 1KG as our default size for the math.

How Much You Can Actually Print with 1KG of Filament

To do this math we will use the Paris Tower and calculate approximately how many towers we could print with 1 spool of 1KG.

The following image shows on top left side the approximate weight of the finished part once printing is complete.

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  • Print time: 2 hours 32 minutes
  • 6.30 Meters of filament
  • 19 gram

cura software

3d printed tower

The math

So as you can see the tower will weight approximate 19g once complete so we just have to divide 1000g (1kg) by 19g

1000g / 19 = 52.6
We can print approximately 52 Paris towers with 1 KG of filament!
It would look like something below:

paris tower

That is insane a lot of stuff to print!
If you decide to print everything hollow then you can probably multiple that value by 2 or 3 and most people probably print a lot of stuff with only around 20 to 25% percent infill because there’s not much difference on the appearance and it’s much faster to finish than using solid 100% infill.

Checkout the image below for some random 3D printed stuff. I did not make a math but I guess all the stuff below did not even use 100 grains of filament at all.


You can print a lot of stuff with 1 single filament spool so just load it in your printer and forget about it 🙂