How to Bypass ASF Sensor on DIY DTG

If you have built your own DIY DTG then you probably have faced a problem with your ASF sensor and might be wondering how to fix it or if there’s even a way to bypass it using Micro Controllers or tricks.
Well today you will learn how this ASF Sensor works and how you can bypass it.

What it’s main function in a printer

The ASF unit is attached to the printer paper tray and it’s responsible for pushing the paper from the paper tray and feeding it into the printer, but since in a DTG you don’t use paper then there’s no use for it but unfortunately the whole ASF unit must be working normally to get a success printer start up.

Is there a way to bypass it using Micro Controllers

Yes and no, it’s possible to bypass it but it’s very hard and requires a lot of knowledge in electronic circuits and you must know exactly when to activate the sensor and the correct timing too so it’s better to just use an adapter for it.


This is the ASF board.
On the right side you can see a black disk and besides it there’s a tiny black sensor and that’s the ASF sensor.

asf board epson


ASF Sensor Adapter

Some people prefer to cut that huge paper tray and build an adapter with it by making it smaller and cutting only the necessary parts, but it can be messy and challenging for some people so we decided to make our own adapter and add it to our online store.

Our adapter is low profile and very easy to assemble, just follow the instructions and it’s done.


If you want to know more about this adapterĀ or would like to order it then feel free to click on the link below more pictures and more detailed specifications.