print head distance to t-shirt

How to Measure Distance Between Print Head to T-shirt

Once you build your very own DTG you gotta measure it all by your self and calibrate everything, if you have printed your first design but it came out blurry then it means the distance between print head to t-shirt is probably incorrect. How to Calibrate distance between print head to t-shirt This can be a difficult

dtg printed t-shirt

How Many Washes DTG Printed T-shirt Last

Are you thinking in getting the T-shirt business but are wondering the DTG Printed T-shirt Lifespan ? There’s actually no right number for this it all depends on the garment quality and type of ink you used. Lets suppose you printed a t-shirt using DuPont Artistri ink, and a high quality 100% cotton t-shirt and

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Homemade DTG Plans now Available

Download the E-Book here Ever since I built that Homemade DTG based on EPSON 1400 printer people all around the world have been asking for plans and pricing to build one, so I decided to write a very detailed E-Book containing all the measures and tricks required to build your own DIY DTG. The book