DTG Printer With Arduino and Without

diy dtg tutorial

Many people are building their own DTG printer using Arduino, pre made kits, and using the original printer parts. But do you know the difference between those 3 types? Today we will analyze it and see the difference. All of them are really good, it all depends on the quality of your build. DTG Made … Read more

Cleaning Epson Print Head – Soak Overnight or No?

Most printers will get a clogged print head one day. Sometimes it can be cleaned easily by just injecting some cleaning solution, but sometimes the clogging is so bad that you have to soak the print head overnight in order to clean it. Today we will analyze if we should the print in a cleaning … Read more

Homemade DIY DTG Printer A3 Version Overview

dtg printer

Have you ever wanted to build your own Homemade DIY DTG Printer A3 Version but didn’t know how to? Well, today we will have a look at our DIY DTG Project. Download Plans Plans now available for download at: Overview This DIY DTG is capable of printing high-quality t-shirts like any commercial grade DTG printer. … Read more

DTG – Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of t-shirt business is now using DTG technology to print on flat surfaces and t-shirts, but many people have doubts and questions if they should add DTG to their current business. Well, today I have listed the most asked questions I always receive. DTG QUESTIONS Can I print on a Black t-shirt? Yes, … Read more