Homemade DTG Printer Full Details Overview

Hello, today I will be showing you the full details of my homemade dtg printer¬†based on Epson PM-G4500 which is the same as Epson 1400 but this one is the Asian model. DTG UPDATE E-Book available now to make you very own DTG A3 at DIY DTG Plans Step by Epson 1400, 1390, 1410, 1500w, R1800, R1900, R2000 Instant Download PDF I decided to do it because I won’t be using this anymore and I plan on reusing some parts on my new upcoming projects. Enjoy the pictures! Waste Ink…

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Homemade DIY DTG Printer A3 Version Overview

homemade dtg printer a3

Have you ever wanted to build your own Homemade DIY DTG Printer A3 Version but didn’t know how to ? Well today we will have a look at the our DIY DTG Project. Download Plans Plans now available for download at: https://alienbunker.com/shop/item/diy-dtg-plans-step-by-epson-1400-1390-1410-1500w-r1800-r1900-r2000-instant-download-pdf/ Overview This is probably the best Homemade DIY DTG printer that I have ever built in a while, I have been seeing videos of homemade DTG printers on Youtube for a while but I was afraid it was too hard for my skills and was hesitating in doing…

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