How to Bypass ASF Sensor on DIY DTG

If you have built your own DIY DTG then you probably have faced a problem with your ASF sensor and might wondering how to fix it or if there’s even a way to bypass it using Micro Controllers or tricks. Well today you will learn how this ASF Sensor works and how you can bypass it. What it’s main function in a printer The ASF unit is attached to the printer paper tray and it’s responsible in pushing the paper from the tray and feeding it into the printer, but…

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ASF Sensor Adapter New Version Available

asf sensor

I would like to introduce you our newer version of the ASF Sensor Adapter everyone been waiting for. This newer version has a smoother surface and more impact resistant, making it the perfect solution for you. It also has a metal pin instead of plastic one. What is the ASF Sensor Adapter for In order for the printer to work the ASF sensor and the motor must be functioning normally, the ASF sensor is the unit that pushes the paper from the paper tray and loads into the printer, it…

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