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dtg printed t-shirt

How Many Washes DTG Printed T-shirt Last

Are you thinking in getting the T-shirt business but are wondering the DTG Printed T-shirt Lifespan ?

There’s actually no right number for this it all depends on the garment quality and type of ink you used.
Lets suppose you printed a t-shirt using DuPont Artistri ink, and a high quality 100% cotton t-shirt and heat pressed it for 1 minute. It should last about 50 washes or more — it still depends on many factors like how you wash and the type of detergent you used to wash and water temperature.

But a lot of people probably don’t use a t-shirt more than 50 times, by the 50th time you wash the t-shirt its gonna be in a really bad shape already so DTG printing is still a good choice for high quality images and colorful design. Unlike Screen printing, you don’t need to setup screens and do all that time consuming process, just load t-shirt in the DTG machine and start printing right away.

There’s also a new printing method that is taking the t-shirt industry to a new level recently, it’s called DTF Printing. You can read more in our blog post here -> I believe that in 2021 to 2022 we will see more and more people switching from DTG to DTF and those that were going to start using DTG will go for DTF.