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DTF Tutorial Guide – Learn how to master DTF

We recently released our newest eBook: DTF — which will teach you everything you need to know about DTF process. It’s a not a huge eBook like the others we sell, but you will learn all the steps and how to do it properly without wasting time.

Visit the eBook page at ->

Of course our DTF guide includes online support in case you get stuck or need some assistance.

What is DTF Printing

DTF Printing is a new printing method that is taking the t-shirt industry to a new level.
This new method allows you to print on a huge range of different materials: cotton, blend, polyester, leather, and many other materials.

The process is easy -> Print on DTF Film -> Apply DTF Powder -> Melt powder -> Heat press on the t-shirt -> DONE

It’s easy like that. Our eBook will teach you how to do it right and the tools and materials you will need. Be sure to check it at