DTF Printing Tutorial PDF Plans – 2021


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  • DTF Printing Technique
  • New way of printing that is easy and fast
  • No need expensive modified printer.
  • Works with almost all A3 Epson printers.
  • Works with many materials.
  • Leave a nice hand touch texture in the garment!
  • Includes online support!


DTF Is a new printing method that is taking over the t-shirt industry recently.

This DTF method is much better because you don’t actually need those expensive modified printers that cost $3,000~$20,000, almost any Epson A3 printer will be suitable for this job.
You can print colored images on a t-shirt just like a DTG printer, but the difference is that you can do it with your entry model A3 printer that cost just $300~$600 instead of $3k+.

If you have a compatible printer, and a heat press, then you just need a few more items to get started!
This eBook will help you get started with DTF and will answer many question you might have now.

If you still have question, please message us directly and we will assist you.