How To Find Local IP Address In Easy 3 Steps

local ip address

Do you need to find your local IP address? Follow this quick and easy 3 steps tutorial to find out your local IP address easily! Step 1 Press Windows + R Step 2 type “cmd” and press enter Step 3 Command prompt should open and now type “ipconfig” and press enter. Now a list with … Read more

Windows 7 Is No Longer Supported

On January 14th,2020, Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows 7 OS. This means that you can no longer receive updates, security fixes, or patch updates. This leaves your computer vulnerable to viruses, malware, and attacks. It’s highly recommended that you upgrade to Windows 10 now to avoid issues in the future. You can read more about … Read more

How to Open Ports for Minecraft Server 2017 Version


Opening ports to host a server can be an easy task but sometimes even opening ports you still get error messages or players cannot connect to your server. Well opening ports alone is not enough if you have software blocking incoming connections so on this tutorial we will analyze it and learn everything you need … Read more

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer Via USB or Cloud

transfer photos from ipad to computer

If you have an iPad you probably have a lot of photos that you would like to transfer to your computer but sadly the iPad doesn’t have an SD card slot or any memory input to save the photos, all stuff is saved inside the iPad and the only way you can transfer photos from … Read more