How to Open Ports for Minecraft Server 2017 Version


Opening ports to host a server can be an easy task but sometimes even opening ports you still get error messages or players cannot connect to your server. Well opening ports alone is not enough if you have software blocking incoming connections so on this tutorial we will analyze it and learn everything you need to know about server hosting and how to let other people connect to your server on Minecraft. Opening Ports 25565 If you have already opened / forward ports to 25565 then you can skip this…

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How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer Via USB or Cloud

transfer photos from ipad to computer

If you have an iPad you probably have a lot of photos that you would like to transfer to your computer but sadly the iPad doesn’t have an SD card slot or any memory input to save the photos, all stuff is saved inside the iPad and the only way you can transfer photos from iPad to computer is using an USB cable or other online services like Dropbox to transfer your files. Today we will analyze 2 ways you can transfer the photos from iPad to your computer or…

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How to Open RAR Files on Windows 10

Quite often when you download something over the internet like a file it usually comes compressed into a file RAR example: file.rar. But if you click on it you’re gonna get an error message saying that the file is not recognized or it’s damaged or corrupted or simply cannot open, in order to open it you need a software that can recognize the .rar file and extract all the files inside of it so today you will learn how to open rar files. What is a .rar File Rar is…

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Easy Way to Clear Cache on Chrome 2017 UPDATED

Is your web browser Google Chrome running slow and it’s taking too long to respond ? Or maybe you just want to clear the cache of your web browser so you can view the newest images on a website ? Well today you will learn how to clear cache on Chrome 2017 and it’s pretty easy and can be done with just a few clicks. Why do people clear cache ? Sometimes a website gets updated with new images and texts but the browser will still display the old images…

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How to Reset Your iPad Easily and Simple

ipad reset

Have you ever wanted to start fresh on your iPad or maybe you just want to get rid of everything and start the iPad as out of box ? Well lucky the iPad has it’s own built-in function to completely reset your iPad and start from beginning. Whenever you want to sell your iPad or you think you need to wipe off everything then resetting it is the best way. On this tutorial you will learn how to reset your iPad. The Simple Way to Reset your iPad There are…

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How to Screenshot on Windows 10 The Easiest Way

screenshot on windows 10

Whenever you want to just take a screenshot on Windows 10 or maybe you have something that you want to capture and edit later well fortunately there’s an application very easy to use and with many built-in functions to let you capture almost anything you want and any size you want. The Snipping Tool What is this Snipping Tool ? This application was introduced earlier with Windows Vista to let you easily take screenshot on Windows 10 and older versions of your screen in any size and shape you want.…

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How to Get Animated Wallpaper Windows 10

animated wallpaper for windows 10

Have you ever wanted to have an animated wallpaper in your desktop instead of the boring non moving wallpaper ? Well it’s now possible with a very simple software and it can look really cool ! Unfortunately this software is only available for Windows. Users using Mac operating system will not be able to follow this guide. Before you proceed with this make sure you have a decent computer because a moving wallpaper is like a short video that keeps looping over and over and depending on your computer you…

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Increase the Battery Life of the iPad Using Those Simple Tips

extend battery life

Have you ever noticed how quickly your iPad battery runs out ? It’s not the case with the latest iPad versions but if you have an old iPad you might notice that the battery doesn’t last long as you hoped for, but there a few things you can do to increase the battery range. It’s simple and easy. This works for both new and old iPad versions so follow the tips below. Reduce Screen Brightness You may be using the iPad indoors and you do not need to use the…

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How to keep your laptop cool this summer

Every summer can be a nightmare for laptop users, that’s because laptop’s tend to have limited cooling fans and they’re built in a very compact and limited space so things tend to get really hot on summer seasons. There are few things you can do to keep it cool and prevent any damage to it. The most important thing Before we proceed to the next step make sure your laptop is clean and doesn’t have any dust. Dust can accumulate pretty fast and it can prevent airflow resulting in poor…

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How to Open PDF Using Windows 10 Using Free Software

how to open pdf files on windows and mac

Nowadays most digital e-books bought over the internet comes in the format named .PDF but what it is and how to open it ? PDF is the mostly known file format used for manual, e-books, instructions. Mostly because it’s compatible with most devices including smartphones, Android, iOS and Windows so most people prefer to use it because it’s simple and there are lots of free software’s to edit and open it. What is PDF PDF means Portable Document Format and it was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993. You can…

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