Cleaning Epson Print Head – Soak Overnight or No?

Most printers will get a clogged print head one day. Sometimes it can be cleaned easily by just injecting some cleaning solution, but sometimes the clogging is so bad that you have to soak the print head overnight in order to clean it. Today we will analyze if we should the print in a cleaning solution or not.

What’s inside the print head

Below is an illustrated image of what the inside of the print head looks like.
As you can see, the print head not only has the tubes where the ink passes, but also lots of sensorrs and small electrical parts inside.

print head circuit

This is important because if you soak the whole print head in liquid, the liquid will get inside the print head and you will burn or damage your print head the moment you plug it on.

The best way is to soak only the tip of the nozzle as shown in the example below. This way you will clean the nozzles without affecting any electrical part in the print head.

print head cleaning solution

Cleaning TIP

Another good way to clean the nozzle with more effectiveness is by using those ultrasonic cleaning devices you use for glasses. They cost around $20-$30 and can do a great job cleaning it with more success.


Never use harsh chemicals to clean your print head. Always use products that are meant to be used for cleaning the print head. No alcohol, Windex, Glass cleaner, or Acetone. Those products are corrosive and can damage the delicate parts of your print head.

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