What Kind of Lubricant Should Be Used In A Printer

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Most mechanical parts in a printer that has bearing balls or linear rails have some kind of lubricant to prevent rust and keep the movement smooth. Today we will analyze and see what kind of lubricant you should use to ensure your printer is running smoothly.

Grease or Oil

There are 2 types of lubricant that most people use. Grease and Oil. Both are great, but it depends on where you gonna apply it.
Oil is mostly used in parts that have high speed and doesn’t have much friction.
Grease is good when for ball bearings, linear rails and the printer shaft where the print head moves left to right. Applying grease on the print-head rail will ensure the print head can move fast, smooth and with precision.

Type of Grease

For the print-head rail, I recommend that you use Silicone based Grease. They are very affordable and will last a long time.
Silicone Grease for your printer (click here)

Don’t over apply it. Just a thin coat of the grease will do just fine. It’s also recommended that you clean the surface you gonna apply first.

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