Egyptian Pyramid with LED 3D Printed

Today we will 3D print this Egypt Pyramid and see how it will work.
This Pyramid is based on Egypt and has a small part on top that is open to attach a small LED and let the light out. This print took approximately 9 hours to complete and on top a blue LED was attached and programmed with Arduino to flash every 100 milliseconds.

Making Process

3d pyramid 3d pyramid 3d pyramid 1 3d pyramid 2 3d pyramid 4 blue led 3d printer 3d printer 2 3d printer 3 3d printer 4


Technical Details

  • Print time: Approximately 9 hours
  • Resolution: 1.5
  • Material: RED PLA
  • Temperature: 205 – 200 (Started with 200c then raised to 205c during print)
  • Bed Temperature: 70c
  • Source:



The details on this pyramid were quite impressive at just 0.15 resolution, the bricks on the side looks very sharp and the edge is also very sharp if it was printed on 0.10 resolution it would probably look so sharp and clean that some people would mistaken for injection molding.

The only thing that went wrong with this print was the top part which as you can see needed some extra cooling and that will be fixed once dual fan mode is installed.

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