Can I use a DIY DTG for Commercial Purposes

homemade dtg printer

Many people are confused between a commercial DTG that can cost thousands of dollars and a DIY DTG that can be build for just a few hundred dollars, but the question is, can it achieve the same quality ? Short answer is “yes” because even those commercial DTG that costs around $7000 is actually a normal A3 printer with some extra buttons and modified case. I must say that commercial DTG will achieve a higher quality than a DIY one, but you can also achieve the same quality if you…

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New Version of the DIY DTG E-book

diy dtg e-book

Our very popular DIY DTG guide has gotten a small update to it’s content, I’m very glad to announce that the DTG guide has 1 extra page and some grammar error it had on the previous version, it also had some updates to some pictures and included higher resolution pictures instead of lower ones. Read below the complete breakdown of whats new in the e-book: New pictures Optimization of old pictures (The e-book will load faster and it has smaller size) One extra page with more information File size went…

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DTG White Ink Management System

wims for dtg

Find out why having a White Ink Management System can help you and why you need it. First of all DTG White ink works different than the colored inks, that’s why it clog easily than the others colors and you must shake the ink reservoir every single day. If you do not shake it the ink will sink to the bottom of the reservoir and you’ll start printing white water only. Think of it like oil and water once you shake you mix the water and oil for a period…

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Homemade DTG Printer Full Details Overview

Hello, today I will be showing you the full details of my homemade dtg printer¬†based on Epson PM-G4500 which is the same as Epson 1400 but this one is the Asian model. DTG UPDATE E-Book available now to make you very own DTG A3 at DIY DTG Plans Step by Epson 1400, 1390, 1410, 1500w, R1800, R1900, R2000 Instant Download PDF I decided to do it because I won’t be using this anymore and I plan on reusing some parts on my new upcoming projects. Enjoy the pictures! Waste Ink…

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