New Version of the DIY DTG E-book

diy dtg e-book

Our very popular DIY DTG guide has gotten a small update to it’s content, I’m very glad to announce that the DTG guide has 1 extra page and some grammar error it had on the previous version, it also had some updates to some pictures and included higher resolution pictures instead of lower ones. Read below the complete breakdown of whats new in the e-book: New pictures Optimization of old pictures (The e-book will load faster and it has smaller size) One extra page with more information File size went…

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Homemade DTG Plans now Available

dtg e-book preview

Download the E-Book here Ever since I built that Homemade DTG based on EPSON 1400 printer people all around the world have been asking for plans and pricing to build one, so I decided to write a very detailed E-Book containing all the measures and tricks required to build your own DIY DTG. The book contains 50 pages with lots of images and instructions you’ll need to make it work perfectly. See preview below This book contains steps & tricks that other books on the internet don’t talk about. It’s…

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