DTG – Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of t-shirt business is now using DTG technology to print on flat surfaces and t-shirts, but many people have doubts and questions if they should add DTG to their current business. Well, today I have listed the most asked questions I always receive. DTG QUESTIONS Can I print on a Black t-shirt? Yes, … Read more

I Want To Create My Website. Should I use WordPress Or Build My Self?

wordpress vs code from scratch

In the past days, we used to build and code our website from scratch. But nowadays, we have a lot of tools and pre-built websites to choose from. It might be confusing with so many options available, but today we will analyze the pros and cons of each option. Pre-Built Website / WordPress The good reason … Read more

Pump eBook Diagram

arduino pump

We recently made a digital diagram of the White Ink Circulation system. If you have purchased our eBook before, please contact us to receive the diagram. The diagram makes it much easier to understand how the wires should be connected. It shows exactly how everything should be connected, and is very easy to understand.