Cleaning Epson Print Head – Soak Overnight or No?

Most printers will get a clogged print head one day. Sometimes it can be cleaned easily by just injecting some cleaning solution, but sometimes the clogging is so bad that you have to soak the print head overnight in order to clean it. Today we will analyze if we should the print in a cleaning … Read more

3D Printing Raft vs Brim – Which is Better?


Have you tried to print something but for some reason the part detaches from the plate or warped in the edges? Well, that’s what raft and brim are for! These 2 supports can help reduce the chance of that happening. Today we will analyze side by side comparison of each type. 3D Printing with BRIM … Read more

Epson Error 0x73 – FIX

Epson Error Code

What is 0x73 Error code and how to fix them This error code is associated with the PW sensor in your Epson printer. You’re probably using Epson P600 and the printer is stuck on the start-up process with this 0x73 error. The cause for this error is because the PW sensor was triggered when it … Read more

3D Printing VS CNC – Which Is Better?


Are you deciding between buying a 3D printer and a CNC? While both machines are great to prototype stuff, each one has its PROS and CONS. Today we will analyze each one and see which is the correct choice for you. We will be using the traditional FDM 3D Printer for this article. FDM means … Read more

3D Printing First Layer Problems – How To Fix Them

Do you 3D print something but you spend a lot of time trying to make the object stick to the bed? Or does the edges start warping or it suddenly comes off the bed in mid-print? Well, today we will analyze 3 good strategies to fix this first layer problem. Object Not Sticking To The … Read more