5 Ways To Make Money Selling T-shirt

5 Ways To Make Money Selling T-shirt

Making and selling t-shirt is a good way to make some extra cash. Today you will learn 5 ways on how you can make money make and selling t-shirts online. Some methods don’t even require you to have expensive equipment at all!

Selling in your website

Selling things in your own website is the best way to maximize profits, but you need to have a decent amount of traffic and visitors in order to sell.
One of the ways to get traffic is by paying for advertisement, blogging, sharing on instagram and facebook, and friends.

The only thing you will have to pay to sell in your website is for the payment processing company such as: PayPal and Stripe. It’s usually 2.7% to 4.0% depending on where you live.


This method is very easy but can be hard because of the competition.
You don’t have to print or worry about buying supplies or equipment to make the t-shirt, but you got to compete with everyone else in the marketplace.

Website like RedBubbles.com allows you to upload your design and place on t-shirt and many other products, if it sells you will earn a small profit.

This is a good way to make money by just letting the company use your design and sell on their products. On average you will earn $1.8 per t-shirt sold, but you can change the amount you want to earn, but of course this will make the t-shirt more expensive and less chance of selling.

Selling your t-shirt on eBay

Selling on eBay is not that hard, but you got think about the fees you will pay to sell there.
eBay has a lot of traffic and millions of people browsing on it everyday every minute, so the chance of selling there is much higher, but it comes with a cost.

The fees on eBay is about 10% of the total price plus the PayPal fees (2.7% ~ 4.0%) So be sure to calculate the costs when listing your t-shirt there.

Selling t-shirt on Facebook

This is another great method of selling.
Facebook marketplace is a good place to sell every kind of stuff, including clothing.

You can list your items there and try to sell, if it doesn’t sell, you can always pay for advertising and have a much higher chance of selling.

Facebook advertising tools is pretty good. You can choose a person’s interest, age, location, and many other settings to target allowing you to target the right person to sell your product.

It also comes with a cost but can specify how much you willing to spend on ads so that makes it very flexible.


Pinterest is a great platform to upload the pictures of your products and attract a good amount of people.
You can take some really good pictures of your products and upload to Pinterest and redirect people to your store, eBay listing for free!

That’s it! You can use all methods above together and easily sell your t-shirt and other products that you want. Be sure to take some good photos, it can make a huge difference when it comes to selling.