15 Budget Friendly Aesthetic Decor Ideas 2021

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1. This beautiful Palm tree to put beside your bed or in your desk. Looks really nice and is very realistic.

2. This Sunburst Golden Clock to hang on the wall and add some aesthetic feeling into the room.

3. This cute golden vase to put near your books or in a side table.

4. This aesthetic thinking statue that is very popular among minimalist rooms.

5. A pencil holder that is rose gold and has a very stylish design to decorate your room.

6. This very stylish desk lamp that cost less than $50. It will surely make any desk look better.

7. A lavender diffuser that will make your room smelling very fresh.

8. A wooden clock that can blend with other furniture very easily and can also activate by touching it.

9. A set of Abstract wall art that will add some style to your room.

10. This modern minimalist rug that will easily match with other furnitures.

11. A side table that has a clean minimalist style and is also very popular among aesthetic rooms.

12. This round aesthetic mirror that will make any room or bathroom look much better.

13. A set of some throw pillows that will easily match any gray or white sofa.

14. Some Wheat Stalks to add some nice decor anywhere you put it on.

15. This DC MOTOR PEDESTRAL FAN that might not look so budget friendly, but a fan that uses DC Motor can comsume as little as just 1/3 of an ordinary fan, so in the end you will spend less money on electricity bill.

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