How Much Ink DTG Printer Uses

Many people are using DTG printer nowadays, but do you know how much ink you use each time you print something? I decided to analyze and I came up with the results below.

The calculation is based on: 125ML / $33

First DTG Print

dtg_sample Details

  • Quality: Medium
  • White underbase: NO
  • Size: 9.44in x 9.72in

Approximate ink cost: $0.17


Second DTG Print

dtg_sample2 Details

  • Quality: Medium
  • White underbase: YES
  • Size: 30in x 23in

Approximate ink cost: $3.77


DTG Transparent Background with white underbase

dtg_sample3 Details

  • Quality: Medium
  • White under base: YES
  • Size: 14in x 6.9in

Approximate ink cost: $1.66


As you can see, the ink cost can change a lot depending on the design and if it have a white base or not.
If you want to know the cost of a specific image, please comment below and I will get back to you 🙂

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