Epson Error Codes and What They Mean

All Epson printers have a set of error codes that tells the user where the error is coming from. They look like something like this -> 0x34f and knowing what they mean can be helpful when fix fixing a printer. Below is the table containing the error codes and what they mean & how to fix them.



This error indicates that the CR motor (the motor that moves the print head) did not function properly. It can happen if the encoder film is dirty, the motor is damaged, or the printer framed is bent or damaged.


The motor that drives the print head moved too fast. This happens when the encoder strip is dirty, the print head encoder sensor is damaged, or the encoder strip is not set correctly.


The print head motor had trouble moving. This happens when the printer frame is damaged, or there’s something in the frame that is disrupting the print head movement.


PF-sensor error. This can happen if the sensor was not triggered at the correct timing. Example: The paper was loaded but the pf-sensor was not triggered at the correct time or it was triggered too late resulting in out of synchronization.