Epson Error 0x73 – FIX

What is 0x73 Error code and how to fix them

This error code is associated with the PW sensor in your Epson printer. You’re probably using Epson P600 and the printer is stuck on the start-up process with this 0x73 error.
The cause for this error is because the PW sensor was triggered when it was not supposed to. It can happen if it detects any jammed paper inside the printer, dust or ink particle in the sensor, or a damaged print head.

It’s very unlikely that it’s a damaged sensor, so it’s probably just being triggered at the wrong time.
Make sure nothing is beneath the print head while performing the initial start sequence, or you will end up with this error again.

2 thoughts on “Epson Error 0x73 – FIX”

  1. i have an epson 3540 and its done 9k pages
    works fine but when i print a double sided doc prints first sid no promlem then flips th page and loads it into the printer up to the point you would expect it to pring then pope the paper jam error there is no jam the paper is not damaged or anything but when i push the stop eject i comes traight out
    . prints all single sided no problem
    ive cleaned the pickup rollers didnt look dirty
    ive changed the maintance box
    ive tried epson and they are useless tbh
    have you any suggestions to help please i like the printer and dont want to replace it really
    regards mark

    • Hello Mark,
      Thanks for your comment.

      It sounds like the roller that flip the page inside the printer is worn out.
      If it’s printing single-sided paper fine, then the roller that picks the paper and flips it is the problem. The rubber of that roller is probably worn out and needs replacement.

      Hope this helps!


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