3D Printing Raft vs Brim – Which is Better?


Have you tried to print something but for some reason the part detaches from the plate or warped in the edges? Well, that’s what raft and brim are for! These 2 supports can help reduce the chance of that happening. Today we will analyze side by side comparison of each type.

3D Printing with BRIM

Brim can help your object stick to the heated bed easily and prevent it from detaching while printing.

The main advantage of using brim is that it doesn’t affect the bottom layer, so you will have a smooth layer while still having great adhesion support.

raft-3d-print 3D Printing with RAFT Support

Using RAFT Support is a different story. Raft is a thick layer that is printed at the bottom of your object to help keep it secure.

Raft will provide a great adhesion and it’s unlikely your 3D printed part will detach from it.

The problem with Raft support is that most of time it will damage the bottom part of your object and you might have to sand it down to remove any particle from the raft.


I would recommend using the brim support for most print jobs. Raft is just too much and will damage the bottom layer of your object. If your part is detaching from the heated bed even with brim, then it’s more likely a problem with something else. Brim will still offer great adhesion support without causing any damage to it.

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