DTG Printer With Arduino and Without

diy dtg tutorial

Many people are building their own DTG printer using Arduino, pre made kits, and using the original printer parts. But do you know the difference between those 3 types? Today we will analyze it and see the difference. All of them are really good, it all depends on the quality of your build. DTG Made … Read more

Filament Spool 1kg vs 500g Filament – Which is better

3d printer filament 500g

Nowadays we have many types of 3D printer filament and different types of spool filament, but sometimes we have to choose between 1KG and 500g filament, which is better and why? Today we will find out. 1KG Filament This is the most common type of filament you will see around. It’s cheap and you can … Read more

How Much Stuff Can You 3D Print with 1 Roll of PLA

Nowadays everyone has a 3D printer at home some 3d printers are more advanced and some are more for basic and less complex stuff, but a lot of people just load the filament in their 3d printer and forget about it because it takes so long to finish a single spool of 1KG! So today … Read more

How To Find Local IP Address In Easy 3 Steps

local ip address

Do you need to find your local IP address? Follow this quick and easy 3 steps tutorial to find out your local IP address easily! Step 1 Press Windows + R Step 2 type “cmd” and press enter Step 3 Command prompt should open and now type “ipconfig” and press enter. Now a list with … Read more